About Me

Shaping digital experiences between people, technology, and their surroundings.

I currently lead product at Sonar focusing on Machine Learning / NLP applications in the mobile messaging space. I am an Oculus Launch Pad Scholarship Recipient, working on bringing musical experiences to VR. Prior to that I was a product manager at StyleSeat working on monetization, and a product engineer (ux designer + software engineer) at Homejoy focused on marketplace operations.

In the past years, I have been fortunate enough to mentor computer science students at my alma mater; teach Python, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript at local tech meetups; help run an introductory computer programming MOOC on Coursera; and be a teaching assistant for undergraduate computer science students.

I have a background in computer science specializing in human-computer interactions and machine learning. I enjoy combining my data-driven, analytical side with my desire to produce delightful products and services.