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"I never lose. I either win or I learn." — Nelson Mandela

I lead product at Sonar, focusing on ML / NLP applications for B2C companies. I am an Oculus Launch Pad scholarship recipient, crafting musical experiences for Virtual Reality, and an XR Studio Fellow at Mozilla where I am exploring creative applications with AI.

I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years before heading to the University of Toronto to study Computer Science. I moved to San Francisco to join Homejoy as a software engineer where I worked on building & scaling our marketplace operations. Our team was acquihired by Google Home Services at which point I chose to make my transition to product management. I joined StyleSeat as a PM and focused on launching new revenue channels. At StyleSeat, I saw the impact of mobile messaging for B2C companies and so joined Sonar - which was a partner of StyleSeat's - to see this vision through. I was promoted to Head of Product where I oversaw strategy, AI research, and product vision.